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From building a whole roof from scratch to partial repairs, you can count on Specialty Roofers for anything your home's roof needs. 

We're proud to serve a variety of neighborhoods along the Emerald Coast, from Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach to 30A and Panama City Beach.

We offer the top materials on the market with honest guidance and in-depth information, allowing you to make the best decision for your individual roofing needs.


When you choose Specialty Roofers, Inc. for your roofing project, you are working with some of the best roofers in Ft Walton Beach, FL, or anywhere on the Emerald Coast. Our residential roofers are experts in installing and maintaining all of the most common roofing materials, including:

  • Shingles: We install durable GAF shingles designed to protect your home from Florida's harsh sunlight and high winds. These quality asphalt shingles come in a range of colors for any aesthetic and any neighborhood. Depending on the conditions at your home, we carry shingle lines optimized for high winds, direct sunlight, moisture, or sea spray areas, ensuring that you have a long-lasting roof that lives up to our reputation.

  • Slate: Our residential roofers in Ft Walton Beach, FL use the TruSlate system to bring slate roofs within the reach of most Florida homeowners for the first time, providing an affordable and lightweight slate roof solution suitable for nearly any house. These natural stone roofing tiles provide long-lasting elegance and protection for your home, with a touch of old-world charm!

  • Standing Seam Metal: These modern metal roofs bring the highest wind resistance and the longest lifespan to any residential roof. Sheet metal roofing is also known for its energy efficiency, helping keep your home cool in the hot Florida summer.

  • Tile: When you choose a tile roof from our residential roofers in Shalimar, FL, and the surrounding area, you get a roof with a timeless legacy of Mediterranean design. Tile roofs have been a popular choice for thousands of years, and for good reason: their sustainable materials, versatile application, and natural cooling have made them an enduring choice for Florida homes.

  • Solar: Specialty Roofers, Inc. specializes in solar roof solutions. Our solar roofers in Ft Walton Beach, FL, and along the Emerald Coast install the latest solar technology, turning your home into an energy-generating powerhouse and reducing or eliminating your utility bills.

No matter which roofing material interests you, call Specialty Roofers, Inc. for a free consultation with the residential roofers Ft Walton Beach, FL, and Emerald Coast voters have repeatedly selected as the best in the region. We look forward to helping you transform your home with an elegant, efficient, and affordable new roof!

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Interested in routine maintenance on your roof? Roof maintenance is a crucial part of a home’s upkeep and one that can’t be ignored. Check out our Roof Shield Service program.

Need a new roof but aren't able to pay for it all at once?

Specialty Roofers offers financing options!