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What Makes a House Need Roof Repair?

Fixing the Roof

If rain is coming into your house, it's obvious that you need roof repair. However, it is often possible for a professional inspector to spot problems long before this happens. Then, repairs can be done before leaks, and water damage, ensue. Here are a few of the things roofing experts look for:

One of the first things roofing experts look at is the flashing, or connecting material, between the roof and "protrusions" – things like chimneys and attic vents – that are sticking out of the surface. Here, the experts will be checking to make sure that it and any sealers are still intact and in good shape. If they're in poor condition, getting them quickly repaired can stop trouble from happening.

Next, the inspector will look for things like damage from overhanging tree limbs, fallen limbs, and other sources of direct injury to the roofing surface. Overhanging limbs can eventually scrape right through shingles, and fallen objects can break through the sealing surface underneath the shingles. In these cases, the next step is to look for rot under the damaged areas. Then, repairs involve replacing all damaged materials. Damage from long standing leaks can run all the way down to the roof edge.

Finally, roofing experts look at the overall condition of the roof. In some cases, it will be determined that it's time for all-new shingles rather than a patch-type roof repair. This is especially likely if the old roof is near the end of its warranty life. Even with the best of care, the weather will eventually wear a roof out. Therefore, reshingling is actually a form of standard maintenance, even though it usually only needs to be done every 20-30 years.

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