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Roof Shield Service from Specialty Roofers

Interested in routine maintenance on your roof? Roof maintenance is a crucial part of a home’s upkeep and one that can’t be ignored. Neglect your roof, and you will inevitably end up with leaks, holes and problems that put your home interior at risk. In fact, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends maintenance and repair be performed at least twice a year on your roof, especially before and after severe weather seasons. We can help! 

$450 for one annual visit OR for $800 for 2 visits a year

  • ​Attic inspection 

  • Clean debris from roof pans/gutters/drains

  • Inspect and caulk all flashings as needed

  • Seal all roof penetrations as needed

  • Repair nail pops 

  • Priority scheduling in the event of a leak or storm emergency

  • Branch trimming for light limbs touching the roof

  • Skylight cleaning

  • Advise the homeowner of any repairs that are necessary 


All Roof Shield Service customers will get 10% off any needed repairs during their membership. 

Email us at info@specialtyroofers for more information about our Roof Shield Service program. 

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Need a new roof but aren't able to pay for it all at once?

Specialty Roofers offers financing options with approved credit! 

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