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At Specialty Roofers, we're all about our customers, and with an expertise in flat and other commercial roofing systems, we're sure to provide you the highest quality for the best price. 

With more than 30 years of experience, our team of highly-skilled expert commercial roofers will work with you and your business to ensure your satisfaction, walking you through every step of the process. 

From an emergency leak to a full re-roof, Specialty Roofers is here for you, so call today for your free quote. 


Whether it's a minor leak, routine maintenance and recoating, a roofing emergency from storm damage, or a full roof replacement, Specialty Roofers Inc. is here for you and your business. As some of Florida's leading commercial roofers, our team is familiar with the Florida and Alabama climates, and their unique demands on roofing materials.


Our experienced commercial roofers, based in Freeport, FL, have what it takes to work on nearly every type of commercial flat or angled roofing material. Some of our most common roofing projects include:


  • Shingles: Our commercial roofers use commercial-grade GAF shingles selected with Florida weather in mind, including the Timberline LayerLock roofing system, which can be installed to WindProven standards to be covered under the industry's first unlimited wind speed warranty.

  • Single Ply PVC: This common commercial roofing material is an economic and weather-resistant solution for flat roofs. Its ease of installation and durability make it a suitable option for most commercial buildings. This is just one of the many exceptional services our roofers provide our valued clients.
  • Standing Seam Metal: Metal roofs are the affordable and long-lasting choice for many commercial buildings with angled roofs. Our roofing teams have extensive experience installing and maintaining metal roofs. At Specialty Roofers Inc, we carry a wide range of colors and gauges of standing seam sheet metal roofing for any building and neighborhood. As the top choice of roofers in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas, we have experience and knowledge in every area of roofing.
  • Single Ply TPO: Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing is the energy-efficient choice for Florida and Alabama summers. These white roofs are proven to reduce surface temperature relative to dark-colored roofs, helping to cool the building inside.

Our commercial roof teams have extensive experience with roof coatings. Whether your roof was originally PVC, TPO, composite, or built-up asphalt, we can extend its lifespan with the proper roof coating, keeping your building protected from the elements at a fraction of the cost of a replacement roof.


No matter which roofing material your building employs, call Specialty Roofers Inc. for a free consultation on your roof maintenance, repair, or replacement project. Our team is looking forward to keeping you covered!

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