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Why should you hire Specialty Roofers? Easy.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Smart consumers are always researching and shopping for multiple quotes on any service they are considering. We get that. We do the same thing. Make sure that when you are comparing roofing proposals that you you are comparing apples to apples. What do we mean by that? Let's dig in.

You will see the word "LOCAL" used consistently in Specialty Roofers Inc. advertising and branding, and you may be surprised to know how few roofing companies in Northwest Florida can honestly say they can describe themselves with that word. The importance of LOCAL is so often underestimated. When Specialty Roofers says we are "local" we mean that we live and work here full time, we are your neighbors, our kids attend school with yours and one of our 50+ team members drives through your neck of the woods daily. Many companies came in town after Hurricane Michael and stuck the word "local" on their websites, but we can promise you those companies will be gone after the next big storm.

Why is that important? What good is a workmanship warranty if the company you hired is no longer working in the area or just subbing out the work to a crew they don't manage? Another thing to consider is supporting a company that consciously supports YOUR community. You won't drive very far in Northwest Florida without seeing a SRI sponsorship banner on a sports field, charity event or nonprofit building. When we say we care about your community we mean it. We are your community.

Last, being “local” means genuinely knowing what roof systems, techniques and installations are best for this area. The approach might be different for a bay front house versus a beach front house, and that knowledge comes from experience. We know what needs to happen before the storm to prevent a big list of after storm problems. Our team is big, which gives us a large assortment of backgrounds and expertise in the roofing industry. There isn't a roofing issue we can't handle.

See what we mean? Should you hire Specialty Roofers Inc.? Easy.


Sophia Jessica
Sophia Jessica

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