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What sets Specialty Roofers apart from other roofing contractors?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We are asked this question often by potential customers, and it is actually a really easy question to answer. We believe it comes down to three things: knowledge, customer service and reputation.


It's pretty hard to be successful in the construction industry without constantly learning and honing in your skills. Techniques, processes and innovation of products are continuous in our industry, so we are always working on getting better and knowing the products like the back of our hands. We have very close relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, and our Master Elite status with GAF Roofing company gives us the cutting edge advantage for our customers. "I am continuously surprised when customers are surprised that I can answer their questions with ease in the initial consultation. I don't think of that first meeting as a "sales" meeting, but an opportunity to educate the potential client," says Gary Henson, Specialty Roofers Project Manager, "Knowing the ins and outs of each project is essential to providing the best product for my customers before and after the job."

Customer Service

At Specialty Roofers, the same person that wrote your contract, whether it be commercial or residential, is the person that will manage every aspect of your job moving forward. Many other companies have a sales team that is followed by a production team, which can make the flow of the project choppy and disconnected. "My customers are my customers from beginning to end, and it is my responsibility to manage my projects and the production crew so that the process is seamless for all," says Henson, "Customers should be given realistic expectations of the timeline of the job upfront so that communication is clear." Henson is referring to details like when the roofing materials and dumpster will be delivered to the job site, and exactly how that that needs to be done to cause the least inconvenience for the customer. Henson likes to stop by the home a month after job completion to do a double check and check for nails again. That is just one example of his ownership of each individual project he takes on. Once you are a customer at Specialty Roofers you are a customer for life. The details matter, and attention to detail is a part of the culture of Specialty Roofers in all aspects of the business.


Reputation is something we really pride ourselves of here at Specialty Roofers. We have been dominating the roofing market in Northwest Florida since 2011 because we are a company you can truly trust. Aside from the countless certifications and accolades we have received over the years, our team is made up of hardworking, honest people that love what they do. We have office staff and project managers that have been with Specialty Roofers since the day we opened the doors, which speaks to our care for our employees. SRI's hundreds of online customer reviews and 5 star ratings were earned by our hardworking team. We are unmatched by any local roofing company with our community service and involvement in non profit work. In 2022, we took our philanthropy to the next level by hosting the first annual Sports Clay Shooting Tournament benefiting Westonwood Ranch. That event alone raised over $60,000 for Westonwood Ranch. Community service will always be thread through the fabric that makes up Specialty Roofers, and our customers recognize that.

So what sets us apart? It is all that and more. If you are looking for a roofer you can trust, you have already found us. 850-974-ROOF


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