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The Most Common Roofing Problems in Florida

According to US News, a roof's average lifespan is 20 to 50 years, depending on the material. However, there are a few common roofing problems that homeowners need to be aware of to get the most out of their roofs. Leaks, storm damage, aging, and more all take a toll on the roof and can shorten its lifespan if it isn't repaired by expert roofing contractors.


Leaks are the most common roofing problems homeowners deal with. Most of the time, leaks are due to wear and tear over the years. In Florida, violent storms may also be the culprit. Roof leaks won't cause much damage if they're repaired quickly. Unattended leaks or recurrent leaking is more likely to lead to damage to the interior of a home. Paint, drywall, furniture, and other appliances are all at risk for damage if the leak is not repaired.

Regular maintenance by an experienced roofing business will prevent leaks. The expert roofers can spot early signs of wear and tear and fix them before leaks begin. Typically, you want your roof inspected at least once a year.

Cracked Sealant

Sealant installed on the more vulnerable parts of the roof can help prevent leaks. Common locations for the application of sealant are the edges, flashing, valleys, peaks, and around chimneys and pipes. Over time the sealant will become brittle and cracked, rendering it ineffective and leaving your home vulnerable to leaks. Once again, regular maintenance by a high-quality contractor can take care of this before it becomes a real problem. They can recommend good replacement sealers to use that may last longer and be more effective.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a protective metal layer used around chimneys, pipes, and the edges of a roof. This metal is subject to a lot of wear and tear from the Florida sun, which can cause the material to expand and contract. This can lead to broken or loose shingling and a compromised flashing seal. If the flashing is installed poorly, it will not last long. Make sure to hire a licensed and knowledgeable roofing company to install the flashing on your roof to prevent these problems from occurring until much later down the road.

Storm Damage

Most of the issues discussed so far are caused by wear and tear over time. Storm damage is much more immediate, and the prevalence of storms in Florida means every home is at an increased risk. Hail storms can lead to punctures or broken shingles. High winds from severe storms can tear off shingles, completely, or send tree limbs and other debris crashing into the roof.

If the damage is severe enough, it can lead to more than just a few leaks. The structural integrity of the roof can be compromised and put the occupants of the home in significant danger. Speak with your roofing contractor about safe measures that can be put into place to prevent these problems. If you see signs of damage after a severe storm, call a local roofer right away to inspect the roof and make sure it's safe and sound.

Poor Installation and Repairs

A poor initial installation or repair will cost you dearly. Not only can it lead to the problems mentioned above and premature degradation, but you have to pay for the bad roofing to be undone and upgraded. In order to find the right contractor for your home, follow these tips:

  • Get referrals from family and friends.

  • Check online reviews.

  • Make sure the roofing service is licensed and ensured.

  • Ask about the warranties the roofers offer.

  • Meet with the roofers in person before hiring them.

The quality of your roof is largely dependent on the expertise of your roofer. Your roof is an investment that can give incredible returns and boost the value of your home. Doing some homework before you pick a roofer is the best way to make sure you're putting that investment in good hands.

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