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Tile Talk

For some reason or another, be it a natural disaster or simply old age, your tile roof needs repair. Because we know how important repairing a damaged roof is, we have compiled the following list of how and why something might go wrong with a tiled roof.

Underneath the Tiles

Tile roofs don’t consist only of tiles – if they did, they wouldn’t keep us warm or protected from the elements. Instead, tiles are laid on top of three other materials, namely felt and modified Bitumen, which are applied with hot asphalt, and a stick and peel self-adhered underlayment. These layers are added on top of the dry-in materials that are already present. Once everything has been laid and given time to set, only then are the tiles applied to the outside of the roof.

Roof Leaks

One of the most common issues with tile roofs is water leakage. A tile does not necessarily have to be missing for a leak to occur, as it is possible for water to get underneath a bad tile job and start to seep through the other layers of the roof. When this happens, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact nature of the leak or where it is in relation to the rest of the roof, which is why it is sometimes best to simply re-roof a section of your existing roof.

If a tile is missing, the repair is a simple enough job that can be easily completed by a roofing contractor. Without the protective covering of a tile, the elements can weather away at the other layers of a roof until a leak or hole does occur, which is why fixing a missing tile is so important. Even one missing tile can affect the integrity of your entire roof.

Re-roofing Tiled Roof Segments

One of the best things about tile roofs is that they can be re-roofed in sections rather than having to replace the entire roof in one go. This means that if there is a leak or problem you are able to simply re-roof in that specific area, which is then under a new warranty. In the future, if you want to replace the entire roof that section will already be done and covered which effectively splits up the cost of re-roofing. If the roof is middle-aged (i.e. between 10-20 years old), we recommend re-roofing a section if there is a leak. If, however, the roof is older than 20 years, it is highly recommended to replace the entire thing rather than trying to fix a specific area.

Repairing Tiled Roofs

While there are many different reasons a tiled roof might need to be repaired, the following are some of the most common problems roofing contractors encounter when called out to a job.

There is a missing tile

Even one missing tile can turn into a problem or be a symptom of an already present problem.

There is a visible and identifiable leak

Leaks have to be fixed ASAP, as they can quickly become a property owner’s worst nightmare.

Some tiles are broken or damaged

Broken or damaged tiles look bad, which is why most property owners want them replaced or repaired.

The underneath layers are damaged

This is most likely due to a previous repair job that was badly executed, and can result in drafts or leaks. The layers underneath a tiled roof help maintain its structural integrity and thus need to be looked after properly.

Fixing a tiled roof is a delicate and potentially dangerous process that should always be done be a certified professional. If you have any questions or queries relating to your tiled roof, do not hesitate to contact Specialty Roofers, Inc for assistance at 850-974-ROOF (7663).


When inspecting your roof, it is important to see the ground as well. Look out for granules or shingles that have fallen from the roof. After inspection, check the level of damage and call roof repair expert to fix the damage.

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