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Specialty Roofers 2023 calendar is looking bright...

Every January, I sit down and map out the year of events and marketing campaigns for the coming year. Well, I haven't done that yet and it's January 3oth, so I thought a blog post might help me organize my thoughts.

One thing is for sure, and that is that is time for another Free Roof Giveaway! If you have followed Specialty Roofers in the past, you may remember our Free Roof Giveaways for Educators and First Responders during the pandemic. To refresh your memory check out, Roofs for Responders and Roofs for Educators blog posts. So what should the parameters of the 2023 Free Roof Giveaway be? Do you think we should extend it to a specific profession, area or group? We want your ideas.

We also would like to partner with a Niceville non-profit to do something great for that community. For example, in Santa Rosa Beach we host a Diaper Drive for Caring and Sharing in the fall. We have competed with other businesses in the Stock the Pantry contest for Food for Thought. We collected food and supplies for Hurricane Michael victims in Panama City. What are the current needs in Niceville and how can we get involved? Again, we would love your feedback...

OK well, that certainly isn't an annual marketing plan, but at least I got my brain going. More to come about how Specialty Roofers is going to make an impact this year.

Ideas? Email me at

-Erin Bakker

SRI Marketing and Business Development

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Jan 31, 2023

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