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Need to Change Your Plumbing Pipe Flashings?

Failed Pipe Flashings are the #1 Roof Leak! Why? Because most are made of plastic which breaks down under the sun’s UV rays and because some are of poor design.

Vent pipes penetrate your roof to allow air into the plumbing system which enable your toilets to flush and your sinks to drain. These pipes require pipe flashings to prevent water intrusion into your house.

More often than not, they fail in several years or less. Plumbing pipes are inside the walls and floors and leaks can travel easily throughout the house. They are usually discovered as stains on your ceilings, walls or floors. Unfortunately, leaks can be the source of hidden damage for months or even years.

Gradual water damage of this type caused by deterioration of pipe flashings IS NOT typically covered by insurance as it can be deemed to be a maintenance issue.

So, what happens next? Most importantly, pipe flashing leaks often cause dangerous mold in wall cavities. These leaks can take years to discover and pose costly damages and serious health risks. Mold exposures are attributed to many well-documented chronic health conditions.

A high-standard roof vent is the best route to take to help avoid these issues—one with a design that allows for a water-tight roof, where the cap is removable for easy cleaning, one that suppresses damper noise and carries an extended year warranty.

Specialty Roofers, Inc., can help determine if this is your problem and is a roofing company you can trust. We aim to provide the highest quality workmanship and customer service at a competitive and fair price. We only partner with the best manufacturers in the country to ensure our roofs can stand the test of time. As a locally-owned and operated company, you can count on us to stand by our work. Contact us to get a quote at 850.974.ROOF.


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