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Common Roofing Services Offered by Roofing Companies

Roofing companies offer a variety of roofing services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. There are as many different roofing services are there are types of roofs, and although roofs are generally built tough to withstand the elements, they do need to be regularly maintained and eventually repaired.

In this article, we will take a look at some different kinds of roofing companies, the roofing services that they offer, and the situations in which you might need to give them a call.

3 Types of Roofing Company

Roofing companies specialize in different services, depending on the customers that they serve. There are a variety of differently designed roofs for different structures, and they require different roofing companies to address different problems.


Residential roofing companies help homeowners and landlords with roofing services for private homes. Residential homes often have highly pitched shingle roofs with asphalt, ceramic, slate, or cedar shingles.


Shopping malls, office buildings, and restaurants all have roofing needs. A commercial roofing company serves these customers, who have specialized needs. Commercial buildings are entirely unlike residential homes, with roofs that are low pitched or flat and built with drains to prevent pooling water. Commercial roofing uses metal, gravel, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).


Industrial buildings like factories and power plants have different roofing needs. Industrial roofs generally have low-rise and truss structures. They may be made of TPO, spray foam, modified bitumen, or a thermoset roof membrane.

Roofing Services Offered by Roofing Companies

Roofing Inspections

According to Allstate, residential homeowners should get a roofing inspection at least every year. Inspections are essential in preventing the kind of long-term damage that can lead to costly repairs or even a complete roof replacement. If you can identify problems with your roof early enough, there are usually cheap and effective repairs that a roofing company can help you with.

A typical roof inspection involves examining not just the external roof shingles and gutters, but also the ventilation, roof vents, and attic. It is necessary to do an inspection internally and externally to make an accurate assessment of the condition of the roof.

It is important to choose a reliable roof inspector. If they miss something important, it could lead to unchecked and costly roof damage down the road.

Roof Maintenance Services

This neglected service is one of the most valuable roofing services that companies can offer. While most people wait until something goes wrong, regular maintenance is the cheapest way to support and extend the life of a roof.

Regular roof maintenance includes a visual inspection, thorough cleaning of gutters, the application of maintenance coatings, and any necessary small repairs.

Roof Leak Repair Services

A dripping, leaking roof can make life incredibly unpleasant indoors.

Worse than that, it can cause extensive damage to drywall and lead to structural rot and toxic mold in inaccessible places. A leaky roof is more than an inconvenience - it is a financial ticking time bomb that building owners and homeowners are wise to deal with as quickly as possible.

Roof leak repair services involve examining the roof for leaks internally and externally and performing targeted repairs. Experienced roofers understand how to isolate a leak by identifying water damage internally and tracing that to the external roof.

Repairing Roof Caps, Valleys, and Drip Edges

Some of the most common causes of internal leaks are easily fixed with basic roofing services. These quick repairs can save a lot of money in the long run.

Roof caps are designed to vent hot air from the attic. They are often positioned at the peak of a roof where the heat rises. This air pathway is a common source of leaks, and it is sometimes necessary to repair the roof cap, reinstall it, or replace it.

The valleys in highly pitched, residential roofs and drop edges are also problem areas when it comes to leaks. Rainwater runs disproportionately over these valleys and drip edges, causing gradual erosion to shingles and the roof. In minor cases, shingles can be replaced and sealant can be applied. If roof valleys and drip edges erode for a while without being addressed, it might be necessary to do more extensive repairs.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning Services

Part of the regular maintenance of any roof is keeping it clean and clearing the gutters of normal, leafy debris. This type of cleaning should be performed regularly, but it can be difficult or even unsafe to do it yourself due to the heights involved.

Roofing services include gutter cleaning because gutter maintenance is important to roof health, and also because roofers are trained and comfortable working on roofs at heights and can perform those manual tasks safely and efficiently.

Storm Response Services

Roofs are built to stand against the elements, and sometimes the elements are powerful and destructive. In strong winds, more force is applied to the roof, and objects can collide with the roof breaking off shingles and cracking seals that lead to leaks.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail storms can cause severe damage to roofs. This type of damage is also often unexpected and unpredictable.

Roofing companies that offer storm response roofing services perform on-the-spot repairs in the aftermath of intense weather events. This type of roofing service isn't in demand until a storm hits, at which point it quickly books up.

Roof Repairs

A leaky roof, missing shingles, or other small issues require simple roof repairs. This is what most people think of when they think of roofing services.

A roof repair involves identifying, accessing, and repairing a targeted problem area in the roof. This might mean cleaning out dirt and debris, applying sealant, replacing nails and cracked tiles, and repairing any ventilation problems.

Roof Restoration

A roof restoration is a much more complete repair than your standard roof repair because it addresses interrelated problems in the roof which are more advanced. If a single fix won't do it, you need a roof restoration.

Restoring a roof requires a visual inspection to identify the problems. It usually involves a comprehensive cleaning, including gutter maintenance and pressure washing, and targeted repairs to several areas that show related damage.

The goal of a roof restoration is to extend the life of a roof and avoid a complete roof replacement which can be very costly. Even if a roof has several issues, it is usually possible to salvage it with restoration.

Complete Roof Replacement

Sometimes there is no alternative and a roof has to be replaced. Sometimes this is due to gradual, untreated problems that cause irreparable damage. Sometimes a storm or a natural disaster damages a roof beyond the point of repair. Sometimes a roof's lifespan simply expires in an old house, after many years of repairs.

When a roof is finished, replacing it is a big job. A total or partial replacement involves removing the extremely damaged roof, securing the flashing and other penetrations, replacing the membrane and insulation, and installing new underlayment and roof materials.

Finding Quality Roofing Services

If you have noticed a leak or a loose shingle - or if you are wise enough to be concerned with your roof's condition before anything catastrophic goes wrong - contact us to schedule an inspection.


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